Who is Jesus? JEsus is more than a man , a great teacher, or a movement

Friend, Mentor, Counselor, Director, Provider----- these are just a few of the ways we have come to relate to God personified.

We put this site up as a fun way to get the message out there about our belief in a creator that loves his creation and gives us an opportunity to not only live with purpose but to have a hope far beyond death. We believe that this hope is for everyone. With so many competitng world views and opinions we just wanted to simplify the truth. We love that Jesus is above our arguing and posturing to assure everyone us that we know the ultimate truth about God, science, religion and the purpose to life. He allows us the space and time to come into our own understanding of these things. If you're reading this and have questions or wish to have an open dialogue about these ideas we would love to hear from you.

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Here's a fun shirt we put together for Jimmy's racing team. This is the result of Jimmy taking a long drive across the desert in a suburban with no A/C and lot's of caffeine. :)

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We look forward to hearing from you!. We are excited to share our love of Jesus with anyone that would like to hear our story.